A & T Dry Cleaners
Providing you and your family the very best products and service for all your tailoring, alteration and dry cleaning needs

When To Visit Us: 

Mon-Fri:   7:30 am - 6:30 pm
Sat:           8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun:          With Family!

... Some of Our Great Services!
With over 25 years in the custom clothing and dry cleaning business, we are here to provide you with awesome service and even better products!
  1.      Perfect Fit Menswear
    Perfect Fit Menswear
    Menswear is all about fit! So if your best suit doesn't look perfect, we can take in here - or let it out there; so you can look your very best!
  2.            Women's Wear
    Women's Wear
    Making your favorite styles come to life is what we're known for! We'll custom tailor your favorite outfit to feel it was designed just for you ... because it was!
  3.       Quality Dry Cleaning
    Quality Dry Cleaning
    All dry cleaning is not created equal. We individually inspect each item so you can be confident that when you're ready to wear it, it looks great!
  1. Custom Wedding Tailoring
    Custom Wedding Tailoring
  2. Dress Customization
    Dress Customization
  3. Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning
    Environmentally Safe Dry Cleaning
  4. Hard To Fit Alterations
    Hard To Fit Alterations